The animation-TMS I've involved has been Nominated!!! :D

Good news! Not only has the film been accepted to the 2008 California International Animation Festival, but it has also been nominated for the Best 2D Animation award and the Best Children’s Animation award. See details from Miguel's blog: http://pettycrimeunit.blogspot.com/


Tickle Me Silly rough cut 01

My first job done on my first day in WLE, Miguel loved the animation of how the cash machine spit out money and the way mr.Goat mayor counting his money...

Tickle Me Silly rough cut 02

In June 2007, I was lucky to be able to involve in Miguel's TMS production at World Leaders Entertainment, New York. He was surprised with my speed and quality. Well I just wanna tell you that Thank You for teaching me so much in art direction and how very little details make big difference to the whole animation. TQ~!

Here's his blog for TMS: http://pettycrimeunit.blogspot.com/


Tickle Me Silly rough cut 03

I've changed the hair pulling jump cut, Miguel loves it, too.


piggy walk cycle

piggy walk cycle :) 2008


Extinkshun 03

3rd Mobile animation series I've done in Malaysia-VHQPost in 2006, well.. basically every species on earth will 'die' at the end of the story and so called 'Extinction'.

Extinkshun 20

Mobile animation series, VHQ, 2006. Done the whole animation.


madfish catnip

My first Mobile animation series done in Malaysia-VHQPost in 2005, which basically describes a mad fish never stop trying to escape from his fishbowl...

madfish totally eclipse

Madfish, Mobile animation in series, 2005.


Madfish MTV_Gwen

Madfish MTV, 2005. Team work. All the cats and editing.



The first 2D animation TV Commercial i involved in 2005 when first joined VHQ. Responsible to trace, colouring and animate hand drawn animation into Flash animation.


mantraman: optimism

mantraman: sensitivity

3rd mobile animation in Malaysia, 2006.

1st flash freelance for MFX Malaysia

This was my 1st Flash animation freelance job right after I've graduated from BA, 2005. The job was about tracing animation exactly from the original sequences of the demo clip given by client in USA, job expected to be completed in one week time but I've done it in 3 days. MFX Malaysia was pleased with my outcome, and this company is one of the top 4 post production companies in Malaysia and have won many international awards for the past few years. Because of this work experience, I've entered into another top 4 post production company which I've worked as a senior Flash animator for 2 years, and that was my previous employee, VHQPost, Malaysia.

F and N illustration

Illustration proposed to F and N in Malaysia, 2006.

MAS - Balo

Character design for Balo's friends. 2005. For Malaysia Airline Print Ad.

illustration + photoshop

illustration proposed to Health Lifestyle Magazine in Malaysia in 2006.



A charity work to raise fund for an orphanage in 2005, Malaysia. Full page illustration in full colors, Adobe Photoshop; 50 pages.

Wildflowers Layout

The whole process of this book was almost completely done through email as communication tools, included discussion, amendment, feedback, and etc. Only the final stage of proof reading, the author was beside me and the result was as our expectation. I gave 2 choices of cover design, the author finally chosen the one with the frame accompanied by 2 dragonflies.